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UV Equipment

At Honle UV America we are always on the cutting edge of UV and UV LED technology. We provide exceptional quality service, that our customers know they can depend on. We are one of the largest UV and UV LED suppliers and provide worldwide support. We have over two decades of experience in UV and UV LED technology and servicing. We distribute UV and UV LED systems, UV lamps, and UV and UV LED measuring technology.  These devices can be used to optimize your new or current products.  We specialize in tailoring our UV/LED equipment to your unique technology needs and business environments. We assist a wide range of industries such as printing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic brands, food industries, and much more.  Our products can be used in applications such as cross-linking of photo reactive substances, ink and adhesive curing, disinfection and surface sterilization, UV and UV LED measurement, and solar simulation.

Pass Through Disinfection

Honle UV America provides sales, support, application, and integration engineering all from our Marlborough Massachusetts office just thirty minutes outside Boston.  We provide use of industrial high-grade equipment. Our facility is equipped with UV and UV LED piloting equipment and test/demo units to evaluate potential UV and UV LED applications for your individual use. Our products are made in Germany by The Honle Group (Dr. Honle AG) and are distributed through our office for your all your UV and UV LED needs. We have stock of a wide variety of UV lamps, quartz glass, reflectors, and power supplies to make sure that your devices are always running smoothly.  Our knowledgeable sales team and engineers are always here to help you review all your needs and applications.  We provide technical support for your equipment over the phone, or through a personal visit to your facility to service and install equipment and assess all of your UV and UV LED needs.  Call our office to set up your UV and UV LED consultation today! 508-229-7774

Did you know that UV disinfection is a highly effective use of reducing mold and spoilage in your packaging process, along with getting the most out of your product shelf life? The high-performance technology (HPF) pass-through disinfection system offers complete sterilization of surfaces from all sides and can be easily incorporated into an already existing production line. The system doesn’t require the use of chemicals or heat and sterilizes surfaces in a dry manner. If you are interested in surface sterilization, be sure to check out our application page for more information about UV disinfection or call our office for more information on how UV can improve your business or facility. Honle UV America is committed to contributing towards a safer tomorrow.

UV Equipment
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